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Arugam Bay

Arugambay is known as one of the best surfing points in the world. Located in the northeast Sri Lanka, close to the city of Potuvil. Since it has a moon shaped bay, waves of the sea are ideal for surfers. Even the first timers can get started surfing at Arugambay. The best time is amongst May and November when the overwhelming breeze is seaward for at any rate the principal half of the day.

Arugambay, arranged on the South-eastern bank of Sri Lanka, only by Potuvil, around 320 km from Colombo, is a one of a kind and flexible travel goal. The uniqueness is that dissimilar to numerous other beach front regions, it is unaffected by both the rainstorm – South-west and North-east – which influence all other waterfront territories for in any event a large portion of the year. Indeed, even the rain amid the rainstorm isn’t persistent however irregular, making it a year-round traveler goal.

Because of its area and southerly swell course the territory is overwhelmed by right-hand point breaks. There is a shoreline soften up the front of the Stardust Hotel, which can be a good time for body surfing or for novices however that is about it.

Three of the point breaks “The Point”, “Potuvil Point” and “Crocodile Rock” are inside a ½ hour tuk-tuk ride from the focal point of the line of lodgings. There are a few different focuses that are inside a 1½-hour’s ride or can be gotten to by vessel.

In spite of being a famous Tourist Destination, Arugambay has surprisingly safeguarded its excellence, peacefulness, beguile and has stayed pristine. This, combined with the accessibility of modest transport, minimal effort settlement and friendly Sri Lankans, Arugambay is a perfect travel goal for the common traveler. However Arugambay has a few star class inns as well, opening its entryways even to the high-class traveler.

Ullae, which is in the focal point of these towns, is an exceptionally celebrated place among the Sinhala fishermen in the west drift. The town, being toward the side of the sound, has a tranquil ocean and is a year round angling region and is an extremely vivid place clamoring with action. All things considered, the anglers from the west drift run to this town amid the South-west storm which hits the west drift.

With the North-easterly breeze beginning to blow and temperature being most minimal at around 28-30 C, November and December is a decent period for feathered creature observing particularly with the approach of loads of migratory birds. In spite of the fact that this is the stormy season in the east, the rain around this zone isn’t constant with numerous radiant days.

Evening twilight in Arugambay the blowing of reviving breeze in January, February and March scatters the slight increment of stickiness and temperature (to around 30-32 o ) and make the climate and wave conditions great breeze surfing, swimming and fishing as well. This period is additionally the best for bird viewing since lots of migratory birds visit Arugambay.

Long weeks of April and May are the most sultry and most sticky months. The temperature from April to August differs between 36-32 C. The altering of the breeze course to South-easterly in April/May begins the body surfing season which traverses up to October. Amid this season, the ocean in the west drift being unpleasant, and making everyone visiting Arugambay.


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