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Bandarawela town is the second largest town in Badulla District, surrounded by several misty mountains and waterfalls. Also, sight-seeing at Poarawagala is an amazing experience for anyone visiting Bandarawela. The viewpoint is 3km away from the town and on a clear day, Kinigama railway tunnel and railway track will be visible through the misty mountains of Bandarawela. Poarawagala is known as the best place to observe the Bandarawela town. Here are the main attractions of the Bandarawela area.

Anthony’s Church

This lovely peaceful Roman Catholic Church is situated in the middle of busy Bandarawela town above 4000 feet from sea level. It was built on 1881 during the British colonial with granite stones and surrounded by a beautiful garden with flowers. It’s well maintained and a peaceful place to have a visit for anyone who visits Bandarawela. You can simply walk to the church from the town while enjoying the beauty of the old buildings.

Nayabedda Mountain

Nayabedda mountain is Located at central of Bandarawela in Uva province. A long walk through Nayabedda Estate is an ideal route for a hiker to experience a calm one day hike to the Nayabedda Mountain. While hiking through state Sri Lankan Culture of tea estate workers and Kovils around labor’s houses can be discovered. Currently, Nayabedda state is owned by Agarapathana Plantations. You can see traditional Tamil tea pluckers while you walk along the state.

Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda waterfall is located 5km away from Badulla. 63 m high waterfall gets it named “Dunhinda” because of the foggy dew drops it makes while pouring through a large rock bed. Formed by Badulu Oya river flows through the town of Badulla. You can reach the waterfall after a 1km walk through a muddy path from main Road. June and July are the best times for a visit to Dunhinda falls.

Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma is the third highest waterfall in Sri Lanka which is situated at Koslanda – Wellawaya road in the Badulla District few kilometers away from Koslanda town. This 220m high attractive waterfall formed by the Poona gala Oya, pouring onto a pool covered by rocks. The Sinhalese name ‘Diyaluma’ more accurately ‘Diya Haluma’ means plainly ‘water-gush’.  It flows down to Kirindi Oya under a bridge from Wellawaya to Beragala.

Doova Temple

Dowa Raja Maha Viharaya has gain reputation mainly due to its enormous 38 feet unfinished Buddha Statue engraved in the granite rock. Situated few kilometers away from the Bandarawela town on the Badulla Road. It was built by king Walagamba in 1st century BC. The Image house built inside the cave is full of flamboyant murals and Buddha Images and contain 3 halls. Doors of image house is also painted with two guardians.

Rawana Falls

As per the annals of Ramayana this is usually considered the actual Rawana Falls due the close vicinity of the cave which is considered a place where Seetha has concealed by the Lankan King Rawana for a while. This Rawana Fall is 25 meters high and fed by the Bandarawela Hill Oya Reservoir. Its situated 11-kilometers away from Bandarawela town, 1370 m above sea level. Also Known as one of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Bambaragala Ella Water Fall

Bambaragala Falls is one of the most often visited popular waterfalls. Falling through the middle of one of the most attractive routes in the country. Bambaragala Falls is 9 meters high and fed by the Bandarawela Hill Oya Reservoir. Also known as lower Rawana Ella. Best time to visit is after a rainy season as it’s almost dries up during the dry season.


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