August 14, 2017
August 14, 2017
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Jaffna, the principle city of Jaffna region (until the year 1824, the region was called Waligama) of the Northern Province is situated in the northernmost promontory of Sri Lanka. The Jaffna area is one of the 25 areas sorted out into the nine regions, a simulated production of the Colonial British (1815-1948) for the reasons for organization of the Island of Sri Lanka, at that point called Ceylon.

Jaffna Sea Port

Jaffna, a determination of Yapa Patuna since the antiquated circumstances had been one the four principle ocean ports in Sri Lanka, the others being Dambakola Patuna (KKS or Kankesanturai) again in the North), Mathota (Mannar) in North-West and Gona (Trincomalee) in North-East. Jaffna’s nearness to neighboring grounds over the Palk Straits with a width of just 30km brought about successive intrusion by the capable Dravidian kingdoms in southern India. The Jaffna ocean port had been the springboard of the Dravidian raiders from India in the old history of Sri Lanka.

Jaffna Airport

SLAF Palaly (IATA: JAF) is a local air terminal found 18km north of the city of Jaffna at Palali, Kankesanturai. The air terminal was worked by the RAF, as RAF Kankesanturai amid World War II .The Palaly airplane terminal at Kankesanturai is overseen by Daya Airlines (Colombo – Ratmalana), Deccan Airways (Colombo-Ratmalana), (Colombo-Bandaranaike), Expo Aviation (Colombo-Ratmalana).

Jaffna Fort

The Jaffna Fort, the second biggest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka, is found quickly south of the Jaffna town, with the southern side limited by the shallow waters of Jaffna tidal pond, the gulf of the Indian Ocean that cuts out the Jaffna Peninsula.

Vaitheeswara Kovil in Jaffna

Vaitheeswara Kovil situated in the town of Jaffna, along the KKS Road has a few yearly celebrations: the Shivan celebration that goes on for no under twenty days closes with the full moon day in the period of March; Ambal Devi celebration which continues celebrating for ten days closes on the new moon day in the long stretch of July.

St. Mary’s Cathedral in Jaffna

St. Mary’s Cathedral, prominently known as the Jaffna Cathedral is situated in the Jaffna town. The establishment stone to St. Mary’s Cathedral developed in Gothic style was laid in1789. The development of the church building was to start with drove by Portuguese minister Leonardo Rebeiro of the Oratory of Goa. At the point when the marble sanctuary and work over the high adjust was brought from Europe, the second Bishop of Jaffna (1893-1918), Frenchman Rev. Dr. Henry Joulain gave the church building a wonderful toll of chimes.

Nallur in Jaffna

Nallur is a populated town situated around 3km south of the downtown area of Jaffna. Nallur, as indicated by the Portuguese history specialist in Ceylon, was a dazzling little town. A Muslim Mosque, did once remain at Nallur, till it was scorched and obliterated by the Catholic Padre of Jaffna amid the mid 1600’s. Portuguese have all around recorded their fights in Jaffna against the Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils at Nallur. A Giant Hindu Temple is the most important place to visit at Nallur.


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