January 2, 2018
Travel Agents in Sri Lanka
Travel Agents in Sri Lanka
February 21, 2018
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Trincomalee is a port city on the upper east shoreline of Sri Lanka. Set on a promontory, Fort Frederick was worked by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century. Inside its grounds, the great Koneswaram Temple remains on Swami Rock precipice, a mainstream vantage point for blue-whale viewing. The blessed complex contains fancy hallowed places and a monstrous statue of Shiva. Adjacent Gokanna Temple has all-encompassing perspectives over the city and the coastline.

The Fort Fredrick

The Fort Fredrick was work by Portuguese in 1623. This is situated by the Trincomalee town. The well-known Koneswaram sanctuary is situated inside this stronghold. This Hindu sanctuary prior know as sanctuary of thousand Pillars. As indicated by chronicled information, Portuguese had obliterated the old Koneswaram sanctuary and they fabricate this fortress with the parts of that. The rest of the things were push down to the ocean. As indicated by the verifiable certainties, this place otherwise called Gokanna and the Gokanna Temple additionally situated in side this, where the current Koneswaram sanctuary is found.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is located around one kilometer away from the golden beach of Nilaveli. This island got its name due to the Rock Pigeons live over yonder. In year 2003 Pigeon Island was assigned as a country stop in Sri Lanka. Prior it was a haven. This island was utilized by British armed force as a place for shooting practice in early world war time.

The shoreline is secured with corals and ideal place for snorkeling and diving. It’s hard to stroll here without shoes, due to these corals. A few times dead corals can make sharp cut, which can cause terrible disease. You can have an ocean shower in Pigeon Island, yet I think Nilaveli shoreline better for it. Indeed, even sand was shaped with the pulverized corals.  There are plenty of boat ride services from Nilaveli beach to Pigeon Island.

Thirukkoneswaram (Koneswaram) Temple

Thirukkoneswaram (Koneswaram) Temple is arranged over the Swami Rock inside the Fort Fredrick. It is otherwise called the sanctuary of thousand columns. It is trusted that on this same sacred spot had stood an exceptionally antiquated extraordinary Pagoda or the sanctuary of 1,000 columns, which was annihilated in the seventeenth century by the Portuguese.

It offers a radiant perspective of the encompassing ocean from the highest point of the Swami Rock. You can take some wonderful photographs of the dawn in the event that you visit there at a young hour in the morning. The splendid blue and “ocean green” shading ocean is once in a while observed anyplace on the planet. Only a couple of meters before the passageway to the sanctuary, you can see the renowned “Lover’s leap”

Critical celebrations in the Temple are “Shiva Rathri celebration” performed in February and “Thiruvembavai celebration” celebrated more than ten days in December. The Temple Deity of Koneswaram Temple goes around the Trincomalee town to favor fans amid the Sivarathri season. The 22-day long Annual Festival of Koneswaram temple is commended amid March/April that pulls in a huge number pilgrims.

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