August 14, 2017
October 25, 2017
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Inspired by land and water “Colombo” has been the heart of Sri Lanka since the country gained independence in 1948. It is simply a paradise locked in a paradise. Open to the massive waters of the Indian Ocean from the west, this beautiful city promises you the best of both worlds! On one hand, the world renowned Sinhalese coastal culture to welcome you with lotus’s plucked from the lake, and a steaming glass of kola kanda (signature herbal drink of the country) And on the other, the best urban delights ranging from night clubs, to gaming centers and from upscale cuisine to luxurious spas, leaving you with the best hotel-deals that offer you the high end of Colombo in full. It is nothing but a sheer pleasure.


“When in Colombo” you’ll be assured of many forms of recreation and entertainment. You name it, they have it!  For the more willing spenders who are on the lookout for trademarks that count, the now refurbished Arcade independence square is sure to please. Carrying many international trademarks like Levi’s, Giordano, Nike, the shopping complex of arcade independence square is a hot favorite among many tourists as well as locals. The state of the art 3D film halls too have now become one of the most preferred hangout spots for the city strollers. For the typical nocturnes, Colombo is indeed good news. There simply isn’t a day in Colombo, where the night never happens. High end night clubs like Kama Colombo has thus far promised its visitors that the day should never end on a bad note. With a never ending assortment of hotels like Mt Lavinia Hotel, Cinnamon lakeside and Galadari that truly caters to the nocturnal enjoyment, it is advisable that you compare hotels available in Colombo and be sure to pick the one that best suits your budget and requirements.

The wonder of Colombo is that even the mediocre spender too gets to experience the true bliss of this city by just walking around. The fact that Colombo has so much to offer you outside your hotel, is the very reason why most tourists find themselves limiting their hotel stay to bed and breakfast. There’s so much to do once you step out of your hotel after breakfast. The Diyatha Uyana in Baththaramulla is one of the best public hangouts in the country. surrounded by the lush greenery and centered around the calm waters of the Diyawanna, it is not a rare site to find ,many families coming over to cycle and jog on the specially designed walking tracks it is equipped with. Some locals prefer to relax by the lake on the cement benches, sipping fresh papaya smoothies straight off the food court of Diyatha. Similar attractions could be found in Colombo and the suburbs. The former Victoria park, now Viharamahadevi park, the wetland park in Nawala are all newly put up sites that embellish the wayside of Colombo along with Temples, Churches, Mosques and Kovils that pop up every mile or so, portraying the cultural diversity of this beautiful city, Colombo!

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